Spring is coming which means increased humidity and variable weather. Don’t let your ordered labels get damaged or ruined – protect your supply!

Most people are probably not aware that temperature and location of where you choose to store label supply can directly affect the quality over time stored.



To help you keep your laser and inkjet labels safely stored away so they’re in perfect condition when you next need to print !

  1. Avoid Humidity
    To preserve your product labels keep them away from humid temperatures. Labels should be stored at room temperature.
  2. Keep Your Labels Dry
    Basements and lower levels are susceptible to flooding, which could ruin your labels.
    If you need to keep your labels stored there, make sure that the labels are lifted off the ground.  Labels should be stored in a dry room, away from any water.
  3. Straighten Curls Right Away
    Poor storage methods, hot and humid temperatures may lead to the curling of your sheet labels, however this can be fixed if you act fast enough. If labels start to curl, flip them over to offset the curl and straighten them out. Place heavier objects such as a thick book or two on top of the labels to help straighten them out.

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