I Need this Label job completed “Yesterday”

CPC cares deeply about providing fast turn-around time and meeting your deadlines. Who hasn’t used the phrase “I needed this done yesterday”, or even “yesteryear”. But realistically, who out there has put together a time machine that can provide anyone that solution? No one. Tight time lines are a part of any business operation. There’s [...]

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Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Labels

Not sure what the difference is between Thermal Roll Labels and Laser Sheet Labels? Thermal Roll Labels are ideal for the following applications: Barcoding Shipping Parking Tickets & Receipt Rolls ATM & POS Rolls When your company is expanding and needs a more efficient way to get labels printed, it is important to think of printing [...]

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Laser / Inkjet Labels

Our loyal customers are always happy to hear that we are able to produce even the most complicated labels. It is hard for us to say no and turn them away! And since we have the advantage of producing machineries in-house, most standard orders will be shipped out the same or next business day. Regardless [...]

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CPC Inc. New Website Launch Feb 8th, 2016

CPC Inc. is proud to announce the launch of our new dynamic & responsive website along with revealing our new CPC Logo. Our New CPC logo and slogan 'Label Solution Pioneer' embodies our strong capability and solid foundation as Custom Finishing and Label Manufacturer.   The new logo symbolizes trust, expertise, customization, and innovation – qualities [...]

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