CPC is Canada’s & North America’s largest manufacturer for high quality Auto Paper Floor Mats.

Auto Paper Floor Mats are essential to keep your customer’s vehicle clean and protected from dirt and grease.  Commonly used by Auto Dealerships, Auto Detailing, Car Washes, Auto Body Shops, Repair Shops and more.  Auto Paper Floor Mats is the most affordable marketing tool to help your business leave a clean and professional impression of your brand.

At CPC, we manufacturer and print all Auto Paper Floor Mats at our plant, which enable us to provide the most competitive factory pricing to our customers.

  • 17″ x 22″ High Quality Floor Mats
  • 10 Pt Heavy Durable Cardstock
  • Ultra Absorbent Material
  • Embossed Texture to Trap Dirt & Grease
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Conveniently packed in 200’s /400’s per carton

Auto Paper Floor Mats are Available in 4 Options

Standard Blank Unprinted

Auto Paper Floor Mats


Standard Generic Design

Auto Paper Floor Mats


Standard Manufacturer’s Logo

Auto Paper Floor Mats

All Manufacturer Logo Available

Custom Printed with Logo

Auto Paper Floor Mats